Bennett Reveals Demise of 917 Team in The Bunt Interview

In what can only be described as the most hard-hitting journalism to come from a skate podcast thus far, Cyrus Bennett reveals that he parted ways with 917 back in November during his new interview with The Bunt. He also mentions that most of the team followed suite shortly after while reflecting on his departure from the brand.

I left 917 a few months ago. It must have been mid-November. I don’t know. It just felt kind of stale, and I wanted to do something else. That guy from Slap got me to do the interview, and all of the questions were about 917… It kind of just made me realize how over it I was because I just had nothing good to say…

The communication was all over the place. And no one could get anything across. If we wanted to do something, it kind of took forever. If we wanted a board made, it would take forever, or not happen. Alex had a lot on his plate… But it just felt like I wanted to be part of something that was more serious in a sense. Get the boards made that we want. Don’t make shit that is just like a joke. It’s cool for shit to be funny… But it’s not cool when the board is not the right size or shape…

It’s hard when you can’t get together and plan a trip when you’re all ready to do one. And Alex is just nowhere to be found, and hard to contact. Everyone understood, and everyone quit after that.

Listen to the full interview above.

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