Jahmir Brown Talks Switching From DGK to Palace

Jahmir Brown is having a banner year in 2020, which has included dropping a standout part for DC, a ton of other coverage, and making a switch from DGK to Palace. He talks about the latter in his new interview with The Bunt, which dropped yesterday.

It was really natural. The last two years, Palace was coming to Philly a lot. I was just hanging out with them, and became really good friends with Chewy and Brooks. And I was going to L.A., and started skating with Lucas Puig a lot. It was tight to get to know everybody as friends.

Towards the end at DGK, I just had a different vision for myself. I guess the plan that was going on was happening. I just didn’t agree with it at the time. So I was like, “I’m just gonna leave. And I’m down to leave for nothing.”

I ended up hitting up Chewy like, “Can you hook it up with a board or two? I don’t even care. I’m not trying to get on the team or anything. I’m just trying to get some boards every now and then so I don’t have to buy boards all the time.” It started with that. Then—after a couple of days of talking—they were like, “You’re not gonna be on flow. You’re too good for all that. We fuck with you as a person. You’re mad cool. We want you on the team.”

Sounds like a natural progression to us. Listen to the full interview above. The bit about Palace starts at 23:40