Jahmal Williams Talks Keys to Inspiration & Creativity

Following up on Dreamer, Adam Abada interviews Jahmal Williams for Quartersnacks. This latest bit of Q&A provides the full background story Jahmal’s latest creative project, and offers some great insight into how he maintains his creative flow.

How do you keep it so diverse and forward-thinking? You also have kids and run Hopps, of course. And there’s a pandemic.

I guess — I have a burning desire.

A burning desire for what?

For the stoke! I love being stoked. I can’t get stoked out on too many things other than skating. That feeling — I want to keep getting that as long as I can. I try to stay mentally and physically healthy, number one. I started going to a Buddhist meditation center up on 23rd Street for the past four years or so. Once the pandemic kicked in, I started doing online sessions. I got more into that to keep myself balanced. You can burn out and get stressed out. Having that mental balance and being able to regulate yourself helps. I want to be physically able to skate and do the things that I love, so I try to eat healthy, stretch and do the things I got to do to stay limber. Keep everything in moderation.

Read the entire interview here.

Image Via Quartersnacks