Kyle Wilson Breaks Down How He Got on Palace on The Bunt

The Bunt is back with a bang. Episode 01 of Season 12 dropped this morning, and features Palace and Nike SB’s rising star, Kyle Wilson. He breaks down how he got hooked up with one of skateboarding’s most sought-after board sponsors at the 18:06 mark.

It came about through me, Charlie [Birch], and another friend of ours Lloyd; we started working for Palace, but at the skatepark, Madlands. They had a spinoff of Radlands from back in the day. It was a pretty cool idea. But it was only for like six months. We got to work there for a while. It ended up not having anywhere to go after the lease was up. So we were like, “Alright, cool. Maybe we can work at the shop.” We asked around, asked [Danny] Brady who we can get in contact with. It turned out that they were not looking for anyone. They were like, “Sorry, we can’t hook you up with a job at the shop. But we can give you some boards if you’re down to ride for us.” It kind of just worked out from there.

You have to admire Palace’s continued ability to cultivate homegrown talent. Listen to the full interview above.