Socrates Leal Reveals Some of the Magic Behind Henry Sanchez’s Blind Part

Socrates Leal has made some of the most iconic skate videos of all time. Check World Industries archive for a sample of his work, which spans 25 years. At the 1:21:14 mark of the latest episode of The Nine Club, he reveals some of the magic behind one of skateboarding’s most beloved parts of all time, Henry Sanchez in Blind’s Pack of Lies.

That video was the start of my style of making videos… If I got any success story out of making that video, it was to always work with the riders. I’m getting thrown into this mix not admitting that I’m really a little overwhelmed. It helped that both of them [Time Gavin and Henry Sanchez] had a vision of what their parts were going to be like. They both wanted the songs they chose. Henry wanted that song; and he even chose for it to start after the bricks. He’s like, “I want that part to just be bricks…” I would have started it at the beginning if he didn’t ask for that. And it wouldn’t have lined up the way that it did.”

Watch the interview above, and revisit the part below.

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