Thomas Campbell Is Releasing a Skate Film & Photo Book in December

Thomas Campbell is set to release a photo book and skate film in December. Shot on 16mm film, Ye Old Destruction will feature an extremely heavy cast including:  Evan Smith, Rick McCrank, Max Schaaf, Dennis Busenitz, Tony Trujillo, Arto Saari, Elissa Steamer, Ray Barbee, Omar Salazar, Aaron Suski, Mark Suciu, Raven Tershy, Barker Barrett, Chico Brenes, Louie Barletta, Stefan Janoski, and more. The film is set to be scored No Age, and will only be available via a download code that you will get with the purchase of the book that will feature photos by Campbell, Brian Gaberman, Jai Tanju, Arto Saari, French Fred, and Anthony Acosta. Monster Children caught up with Campbell for in interview to learn more about this forthcoming project.

I think it’s [skateboarding] at this really beautiful point right now. People’s approach, they’re just like, “Yeah whatever, I’m gonna wallie off this.” People like Evan Smith just don’t give a rat’s ass, he’ll just do anything he wants, whenever, he doesn’t care and I love that because that’s what skateboarding is: freaks just doing whatever the fuck they want…

Anyway, skateboarding is at a really great point, and [this film] is almost a celebration of what it is.

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Image Via Thomas Campbell