COCI Returns to TWS With Weston Correa Interview

After a two-year hiatus that coincided with the demise of Transworld’s print magazine, Mackenzie Eisenhour is back with new COCI interview. His triumphant return answers the question of what exactly happened to Weston Correa after his knee injury in the ‘90s that ended what looked to be a promising pro career. It also reveals that Lance Mountain turned down an offer to take The Firm to Crailtap distribution after that awesome 411 Roadtrip that everyone remembers so fondly.

I did have a question about that, Lance was close with Rick and Guy and you guys had that 411 tour together with the Coolio song. Was there ever talk of you guys joining forces?

Lance said no. I was in the van with Meza and James Qua.

Lance said no to you riding for Girl?

No. Lance said no to The Firm being a part of Girl.

Oh wow, like putting The Firm under Crailtap distribution?

He just said that it didn’t fit the image. The Firm didn’t fit the same image as the Girl riders at the time. I don’t know his whole opinion on it but I just personally thought it would have been so sick then. We went on the tour together and then Rick asked Lance.

Read the full interview here.

Image Via Transworld