Josh Stewart Talks Picture Show in Latest VHS Interview

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Admit One release, VHS Mag published an interview with Josh Stewart that gives a bit more background on Picture Show. To our knowledge, this is the first time that he’s spoken on the brand’s origin story since its introduction last summer.

V You’ve been distributing those skater owned indie brands for a long time now, and you’ve started your own board company. How did you start Picture Show?

J We already had Theories as our own brand that encapsulates what we’re doing as a distribution and everything. But we always have good friends that are involved in what we’re doing, who ride for Theories, but we don’t have a board brand for them to call home. Eventually, it was obvious, we needed to have something, a board brand that we could have these guys ride for. Also, we have a couple friends whose artwork was really inspiring. It was more like we would use some of their artwork for Theories stuff. But it had so much depth to it that I felt like you could make a rad brand out of the whole feeling that they created. That’s the thing too, it’s similar to a skate video. Once you have an idea, it’s not just a theme, but a feeling that you want the video to capture and portray to the world. And then you become obsessed with what I have to film or what music and what skits or whatever I have to capture to give this feeling to people when they watch the video. Picture Show is like another video for us. It’s like, “Man, we wanted to create this.

For more on Stewart, Theories, and Picture Show, head over to VHS to read the entire piece.

Image Via Picture Show