Victor Neyra Revisits Pier 7 in the Latest “Skate Nerd’s Star Maps”

While Embarcadero overshadows it in the history books, San Francisco’s Pier 7 certainly had its moment. In the lated ‘90s and early ‘00s, it was home to some of the most celebrated skaters of the era. On any given day, you could catch Marcus McBride, Rob Welsh, Henry Sanchez, Lavar McBride, Stevie Williams, and many more holding court at the iconic spot by the S.F. Bay. There were quite a few people documenting skateboarding in San Francisco during this time. But Victor Neyra’s name is more synonymous with Pier 7 footage than anyone else. Mackenzie Eisenhour caught up with Neyra to talk about his time documenting skateboarding in the Bay Area for Transworld’s latest “Skate Nerd’s Star Maps.” Head over to the TWS site to learn more about his history, and have a look at Neyra’s “Pier 7 Greatest Hits” edit above.