Cafe Creme Blog Interviews Waylon Bone About His Video Work

Waylon Bone has been prolific over the past couple of years, delivering a variety of noteworthy skate edits and mini documentaries. His body of work is seriously impressive. Earlier this week, Cafe Creme Blog published an interview with Waylon that delves into his craft. It’s a good read if you’re a fan. And he shares some unknown insights like the below Anthony Pappalardo story that is the stuff that legends are made of.

Could you tell us the best story about a session in NYC?

There are so many but one off the top of my head was with Pappalardo. I followed him for a year. Sometimes I would have to wait on a curb for an hour while he walked around and fixed the spot up or he went to the deli or he was watching Heath’s part in “Sight Unseen”, sometimes he would leave completely. This one time we were trying to get this pretty sick 5050 on a rail and the spot is heavily guarded, like nobody can get a push inside and he’s really into psychology and talking to people despite his loner tendencies. He walked right up to the booth had a 10 minute conversation with the guy and I’m watching and the guy leaves the booth and takes a walk around the premises for an hour. I could not believe it. I have no idea what Pops told him.

Let’s hope that Waylon’s Pops footage makes it into an Out There sometime soon. Read the rest of his Cafe Creme interview here.

Image Via Nils Svensson