Karl Watson’s Children’s Book May Become an Animated Series

Karl Watson is the latest pro to sit down for an in-depth interview with Chops for Chrome Ball Incident. It covers all of the major points of his career, and should definitely be read in its entirety when time permits. Aside from setting the historical record straight, Karl also reveals that his My First Skateboard children’s book may be adapted into an animated series.

But where’d the idea for a children’s book come from?

My First Skateboard came about through skateboarding being in the Olympics. Because while I am happy about that, at the same time, I really want the key attributes of our culture to be preserved. I didn’t want those aspects to just go away.

So one night, I started writing down all of these aspects that I’ve always loved about skateboarding. How it breaks down so many different barriers… race, age, gender, language. And it went from there.

I ended up writing a little story that basically encapsulated all of this, loosely based on my own childhood. Showcasing not only what I’ve gained from skateboarding but what we all gain from skateboarding.

And there’s a second one in the works?

(laughs) Everybody wants a second one but I’m actually in the process of hopefully turning it into a cartoon series. I don’t know how much I can say, but we’ve had a few meetings and they seem interested. Hopefully it works out. There are a few more steps that need to be taken but we’re almost there. We’re calling it “My Name Is Jonas” and it’s pretty much a continuation of the book.

Read the entire interview here.

Image Via My First Skateboard