Weckingball Says He Will Be Releasing Some Rap Music Soon

Weckingball’s Instagram account is legendary at this point. What started out as a troll on the skateboard industry seems to be going in a mainstream direction as evidenced by his new interview with the No Jumper podcast. While skaters are no strangers to the show, Adam22 has also sat down with some of hip hop’s biggest names. That latter scored No Jumper a label deal as a subsidiary of Atlantic Records last March.

Could Weck be Adam22’s latest discovery? He mentions that he’ll be releasing some rap music soon at the 1:04:29 mark of the interview.

I want to talk about me rapping. It’s always been a thing between friends. Just freestyle and shit. But now, I’m trying to really put my shit together and construct it to display with my man Teddy Becks. [We’ve recorded] a pretty good amount of tracks. I don’t know how many of them I’m going to put out. It might just start with one single.

Complete with chainmail and wraparound shades, Weckingball’s No Jumper interview is something that you have to see to believe. Watch it for yourself above. 


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