Wale Talks About Skateboarding’s Emergence in Hip Hop on No Jumper

Wale isn’t joining the growing list of rapper skaters anytime soon. But he is acutely aware of skateboarding’s impact on popular culture as evidenced by his new interview with No Jumper. He shows off his retro Nike SB Heineken Dunks, and gives Paul Rodriguez a shoutout before talking about his perception of skateboarding based on what he’s seen as an integral part of hip hop.

And a lot more black kids started skateboarding. I don’t even know the information. But I just know that I started to take notice when Lupe [Fiasco] came out. Some people get into it late, then get good at it. Like [Lil] Wayne’s gotten real good at skateboarding. And he got into it late. I like [Nike] SBs. I’ve been wearing them for the longest. But I’ve never been a skateboard guy. I used to try to make it jump up. What’s that called, an ollie? That’s as far as it went.

Click play above to watch the full interview. The bit about skating starts 35:51.

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