Iconix Announces That Zoo York Is Returning to Skateboarding

Get ready for a Zoo York reboot. Shop Eat Surf is reporting that executives at Iconix have announced that they are bringing it back. The article mentions that the founders of the brand will be returning to help market and promote; but doesn’t specify if they’re referring to original founders Rodney Smith and Eli Gesner, or the team from Echo that ran the brand when the investment group purchased it in 2011.

Zoo York has been without a skate team since Chaz Ortiz’s contract expired back in August. Iconix CEO Bob Galvin made the below statement about the choice to reintroduce Zoo to the hardgoods market.

Skateboarding will be an Olympic sport during the Summer Games in Tokyo in 2020. We believe this presents an excellent opportunity for the brand.

Time will tell on how all of this will shape up. For more on Zoo’s history, revisit RB Umali’s episode of Mission Statement.

Image Via Zoo York