UPDATE: Here’s What Went Down at the Supreme Bowery Store Preview

As you’ve likely heard by now, Supreme New York has temporarily moved to 190 Bowery while the Lafayette location is being remodeled. This will be the temporary flagship for two seasons, which is roughly a year. The new space was once a bank, and is massive. The art direction was handled by Leo Fitzpatrick, and features Futura prints on the wall, and a giant Mark Gonzales Schmoo statue in the center. There is also an oversized screen above the counter that has “BLESSED” on repeat. All of the usual suspects both past and present were in attendance at last night’s preview of the new space; and you’ll likely see a few of them on upcoming episodes of Mission Statement. We didn’t want to play paparazzi at this private event, but couldn’t resist getting the below pic of Larry Clark and Leo at Supreme 24 years after Kids was released.

UPDATE 09.20.19: With Supreme announcing that the Lafayette store is closing for good, Bowery is now the new permanent home of the New York location. Times are definitely changing.


Images Via Supreme & 48 Blocks