adidas Cuts Jobs Amidst Restructuring of Skate Program

Over the past several years, adidas has literally been everywhere in skateboarding. But it appears that there may be trouble in paradise. We first caught wind of changes in its skate program via Karl Watson’s episode of The Bunt when he mentioned that some of the flow team will be getting let go due to budget cuts. Yesterday, Slap gave light to a conversation on Twitter that mentioned that adidas Skateboarding nixed its entire sales team, including its road reps. And Shop-Eat-Surf also ran an article on these changes that includes the below statement from adidas:

We are continuously working as a company to become even better, faster and more efficient. This also means that we adapt our organizational structures and processes when and where necessary. We are making targeted investments in our strategic growth drivers, especially in our digital business, where we are looking for new talents. All in all, the number of employees at Adidas is slightly increasing. We expect this trend to continue. As of September 30, 2019, Adidas employed a total of 57,493 employees (globally).

Time will tell on how this restructuring will impact the future of adidas Skateboarding. We’ll continue to monitor this story for updates as it unfolds.

Image Via adidas