Alex Klein Remembers Keith Hufnagel in GQ Article

A lot has been written about Keith Hufnagel in the wake of his passing last month. The loss left a gaping hole in skateboarding’s soul that will likely remain in perpetuity. Alex Klein’s article about Keith for GQ doesn’t say anything that hasn’t been said already. But it does provide some personal insights that are absolutely priceless.

Keith’s kindness was legendary. It radiated from him, whether he was hooking up talented young skaters with shirts and gear, or hiring my 16 year-old, utterly-sneaker-illiterate sister to work in the Sutter store (and never getting mad when she updated her LiveJournal on the clock, or repeatedly broke the cash register).

In Keith’s mind, there was room at the table for everyone. It wasn’t enough that he succeeded; he wanted others to triumph, too. It was a rare attitude then. It’s rarer now.

Head over to GQ to read the entire piece.

Image Via Transworld