Alexis Sablone Talks Art & Architecture With SOLO

Alexis Sablone’s artistic projects have been getting as much attention as her skateboarding lately. They includes WKND’s video animations, and the skateable sculpture designed for a public square in Malmö last summer. SOLO caught up with Sablone to talk about these projects, and got a bit more insight into Alexis’s sculpture, which is the most impressive use of design and public space that we’ve seen in recent years.

I got asked if I wanted to design a skateable sculpture to be placed somewhere in an urban context in Malmö. Of course, I wanted to do that. As designer and architect, everyone always asked if I wanted to design skateparks, but I was always kinda annoyed by that question. I love skating skateparks, they’re fun, but I never thought about that. Maybe subconsciously, skateboarding works its way in my architecture work somehow, but it was never with intention. But this project seemed really cool because it’s something that’s gonna be living in the middle of the city. Skaters would use it, maybe non skaters would hang out there. That’s really exciting to me. Whatever I work on is really all I can think about. So the things that inspire me change depending on what I’m working on. Suddenly, all my old architecture books came out.

Head over to SOLO to read the entire piece.

Image Via Jonathan Mehring