Marc Johnson Addresses the Dark Side of Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool that has revolutionized how we consume skate content. But, as with most things, there is a dark side to it. Marc Johnson hits the nail on the head in his new interview with Village Psychic. He addresses social media’s desensitizing effect that leads to an overall lack of appreciation for the tricks being done, which is sort of the opposite of the way things were during previous eras when everyone was starved for content while waiting for a new magazine or video to drop.

The problem is is we’ve got this generation now. We’ve got a generation of skaters, let’s just say ages 15 to 35. You know, the first generation of users or whatever. And that’s all they’re doing, all day long they’re watching skateboarding and they’re so desensitized that they don’t care about anything. It’s so specialized now, where you can say ‘I’d rather see Austin Gillette do a half cab flip over a trash can than any of this like circus trick shit.’

Head over to Village Psychic to read more of MJ’s insights.

Image Via ESPN