Why Andrew Wilson Quit Polar for No Board Sponsor

Andrew Wilson’s board sponsor status has been in limbo for the past couple of years. Contrary to popular belief, he was not riding for 917 at the time of the team’s exodus. He’s previously been linked to Alltimers and Polar, and breaks down why he left starting at the 51:54 mark of the latest episode of the Angel and Z Podcast.

I didn’t skate for 917. I quit Polar…I don’t know how long ago…maybe like two years. I just had differences with Pontus. You think skating is going to be this one way… I’m crazy about [the fact that] you’ve gotta love the shit so much: the board brand that you’re gonna turn pro for, the shirt graphics, or the boards themselves…

To each is own, but I would look at a lot of Polar graphics and think, “that doesn’t make me wanna go bust. That makes me want to spray it. Or that makes me want to put hella stickers on it.”

I never really got as close with Pontus. Obviously, he’s running a company. He’s not out skating or at the spots with us as often. I never had [the feeling] that that’s my solid, really true, ride-or-die dog. So when I decided that I was dipping, I was just waiting for a catalyst.

Then, something happened financially. And I was like, “you know what dude, don’t even worry about me. Let’s just take the burden off. I think I’m gonna do my own thing for a while.”

Listen to the entire interview above.