How Rob Dyrdek & Brian Atlas Built & Sold Street League

If you follow industry news, you may have caught the headline that Street League and its production company, Superjacket, were merged with Nitro Circus in January 2020. The timing couldn’t have been better considering the effect that COVID-19 would have a couple of months later. It resulted in last year’s SLS season being cancelled, and the Olympics being postponed until this summer.

In the latest episode of his podcast, Rob Dyrdek sits down with Street League cofounder, Brian Atlas, for a postmortem of sorts. They discuss launching the contest as well as ETN, and the successes and failures experienced along the way. Despite an excess of finance and start-up speak, it’s an interesting conversation that’s worth a listen.

For more on what Dyrdek and Atlas are up to now, check out Dyrdek Machine. Rob truly is skateboarding’s first mogul.