Bill Strobeck Interviews Ed Templeton About Sweaters

Last month, Bill Strobeck and Ed Templeton were both invited to show photos of their interpretations of sweaters alongside  David LynchGaspar Noé, and Jim Jarmusch in celebration of 40 years of agnes b’s snap cardigan design. Interview magazine took the opportunity to have Strobeck interview Templeton. Aside from documentation of a conversation between two cultural icons, this piece is noteworthy due to a gem of a story involving Anthony Pappalardo, an Italian suit, San Francisco, and Mosaic that should interest anyone visiting this site.

STROBECK: I know! It feels like she can really help artists get to the next level. Funny story … I remember me and [skater] Anthony Pappalardo took a train cross country from New York to San Francisco. It was around 2003. When we got out there, he got called to go to Scott Johnston‘s wedding, and he needed a suit. We were skating around downtown and we saw the agnès b. store that was there. I was like, you should just go in there and get a nice suit, so you have it after the wedding. We were staying at this skate house, and he brought the suit back and was wearing it in the house. He was excited to have a suit. It’s really funny to think about that now, whenever I hear agnès b. I think of that story and my friend, this Italian kid, and how he felt like an adult wearing that suit.

TEMPLETON: I’m trying to picture Pappalardo wearing a nice suit right now!

STROBECK: It was right around when the Mosaic video came out, we went out there to film for that video. He’s got that Italian demeanor, you know? I’ve met his family, his mom works at the chocolate shop, his dad owns a pizza place. And then it’s just him in that suit with the feel of being an Italian dude, like, yeah, I look cool. It’s just funny. But I went over and saw all the work at the show and it looked really good. I have to go back and check it again before it ends on March 1. I haven’t had the chance to look at each photo.

Read the entire interview here.

Image Via Bill Strobeck