Black Dave Hits Coney Island For “Surfin” Video After Vans Share the Stage Win

Skateboarding and hip hop are currently more intertwined than ever. To start citing examples would require a feature-length article. In short, there are too many skaters that rap and rappers that skate to keep track of in 2018. Despite this phenomena, Black Dave is the only one that we can think of that comfortably navigates both lanes.

Dave had a pro board slated for release on Zoo York before it dropped its skate team. And his “NYBD” part is chilling comfortably with over 153,000 views on Thrasher’s YouTube channel. But Dave can also rap. So much so that he won Vans’ Share the Stage competition, which earned him an opening slot for Schoolboy Q at House of Vans Chicago, as well as the opportunity to make a music video. The result of the latter is the visual for “Sufin”—Dave’s 2018 take on The Warriors that looks more like a trip to Venice Beach than the setting for gang warfare.

Have a look at the IG trailer below. You’ll have to head over to Consequence of Sound to view “Surfin” in its entirety.

Image Via Britni West