Bobby Hundreds Announces Memoir Releasing in June 2019

Bobby Hundreds took to Instagram last night to announce that he’s been working on a book for the past year. His memoir titled This Is Not a T-Shirt will chronicle the rise of The Hundreds as told by Bobby. The book is set to release this June, and should contain some interesting insight into the era that spawn the streetwear movement that has been intertwined with skateboarding since its inception. Have a look at Bobby’s post below. We’ll update when more information about this project becomes available.

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For the last year and a half, I’ve been carrying on a double-life, renting a desk at a co-working space on the other side of town. After I leave The Hundreds every night, I eat a quick dinner, pull on my sweats and head here, surrounded by app developers and fledgling startups. Once in a while, I’ll get recognized by someone sitting across from me and it’s always funny to explain my way out of those conversations ("Yes, the company is doing fine, I swear.") I’ve crawled out of my hole here in the late hours, I’ve spent entire Saturdays and Sundays in this room, earplugs in and nothing but a tall glass of water and inspiration by my side. I’ve been writing this book – my first – a memoir. The story of my life and how we built The Hundreds. It’s called, “This Is Not a T-shirt” and it’s releasing in June of 2019. Working on it reminded me of what it felt like in the early days of building a brand. Back when I was in school, leaving the library at midnight, and then working on my passion project until the sun rose. Starting in the new year, I’ll be letting you in on more of the process, the story behind, and the contents of this book. Thank you for reading. ??❤️ @mcdbooks @fsgbooks

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