Brandon Turner’s Comeback Culminates in Forbes Profile

If you would have told us in 2019 that Brandon Turner would mount a comeback in 2020, which included a switch drop-in at the Encinitas Civic Center and a switch hardlfip down Wallenberg, we would have had our doubts. But it happened. And in addition to the Jenkem documentary and SLS Trick of the Year Award, Turner is getting mainstream recognition for his incredible year via an extensive Forbes profile. His quote at the end speaks volumes about his recent accomplishments.

“I’ve always kept it true to myself, knowing I have the same mindset I did when I was a kid when people told me I couldn’t skate places,” Turner says. “When people say, ‘Aren’t you getting too old for this or that,’ that makes me want to do the complete opposite. That’s what I do. I want to prove them wrong.

“I’ve never changed my mindset and I’ve never listened to the lies of what I’m capable of. That doesn’t exist to me. That’s an opinion. To tell you the truth, I feel better than I did when I was 18, and about peaks and when you’re at your prime or whatever, I don’t believe any of that.

“I believe your prime is a mindset,” Turner says. “And I think I’ve kind of showed that.”

Read the entire piece here.

Image Via Dan Zaslavsky