Kareem Campbell Fills in Historical Gaps in New Interview

As mentioned previously, Kareem Campbell had been aloof to say the least prior to his reemergence last year via the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater release, The Ghetto Bird Show, and the Axion relaunch. The stories about where he went are the stuff that urban legends are made of. The facts are that from the early ‘90s through the mid aughts, Reem was in the center of the skate industry as the founding father of the marriage between skateboarding and hip hop culture. Then, seemingly overnight, he disappeared without a trace. Kareem fills in the gaps in a new interview published online by the Dallas Observer yesterday.

After bouncing from Harlem to Hollywood and traveling the world, Campbell decided to park his skateboard in North Texas, settling in Richardson in 2005. It was a business decision based on the real estate boom, and the lower prices of Texas real estate. Campbell says the move provided a change of scenery and a lovely place to raise a family.

“It’s just like a baby Beverly Hills,” Campbell says excitedly. “I run into so many people that I know from back home. It’s crazy, but everybody has houses out here … But, it’s not too often I’d go jogging in Hollywood.”

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Image Via Big Brother Magazine