Cam’ron Hangs Out With the Escobar Family for “Medellin”

While Jim Jones’s album takes the title, Cam’ron’s Purple Haze 2 was definitely in our top five of last year. Cam dropped a video for “Meddelin” this afternoon, which was shot down in Columbia with Pablo Escobar’s family. It doesn’t get more next level than that. Cam breaks down how it came together in this new interview with Complex. He also mentions that his long-awaited A-Trak collaboration album was supposed to be dropping this spring, but got put on hold due to the pandemic.

You’ve been talking about the A-Trak project for awhile.
Yeah. It’s been going on for years. My schedule, A-Trak’s schedule is crazy. It’s really dope. It’s been a couple years since we were supposed to put this out, but we always meet up in the studio two or three times a year to see what songs that we did were outdated or what newer music we could come up with. 

Some of the stuff that we did is timeless as fine wine, baby. It isn’t going nowhere. But some of the stuff that we talk about—I’m not saying that this is a particular bar or anything like that, but we can’t be like, “My president, Barack Obama…” So we’ll go through all the music and make sure everything is straight. But knowing A-Trak, and even knowing myself, I know we’re going to get back in the studio when time permits and make sure everything is up to par and acceptable for the time when it’s supposed to come out.

That will definitely be fire when it hits the streets. Check the “Medellin” visual above. 

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