Yaje Popson Talks About the Concept Behind His Next Part

In Episode 11 of Mission Statement, Yaje Popson hinted at a yet-to-be-announced project that he is currently working on. His latest interview with SOLO reveals a bit more about this upcoming conceptual video part that will focus on back-alley spots that have an East Coast aesthetic, and will be captured entirely via the VX1000 camera.

You said you came to Berlin and you were looking for temporary spots, that you called “nuggs.” What do you like about them?

I want this part to be just back alleys. Small little East-Coast-looking spots. You know, the spots that no one really skates, the one-trick spots. There’s this thing when it’s almost more about the spot than it is about the trick. Where it never really translates. It’s always much harder for the looks, but the VX looks perfect. Maybe it’s just this era of skateboarding, but it has a very metropolis feel.

Yaje also goes into detail about art, how meditation relates to skateboarding, and more in this latest bit of Q&A. Read the full interview here.

Image Via SOLO