Here’s Why You Won’t See Louie Lopez in the Olympics

We’ll likely tune in next summer; but we became somewhat disinterested in Olympic skateboarding over the past year. At some point, we sort of stopped paying attention. We were aware that Louie Lopez was a part of the original U.S. Olympic skate team, but did not notice that he was quietly removed from the 2020 squad. We’re assuming this has to do with all of the points and rankings fuckery that made the whole run-up a bit of a snoozefest in the first place. Apparently, Louie isn’t too sure what happened either. But he addresses the situation in the latest C.B.I. for Transworld interview that was published in overnight.

So, you were announced for the 2019 Olympic team, even though there’s no Olympics that year… which is kind of a weird one. But you’re not on the 2020 team, which is postponed anyway. What’s your outlook on the situation?

I’m just taking it as it comes. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what being on the 2019 team even meant.

“Oh sick, I’m going to the Olympics! Tight.”

That’s what everyone thought. They picked the team, we’re going to the Olympics. But no, we’re the 2019 team and the Olympics are next year? That’s a different team?

I thought we were gonna start buckling down to get ready for 2020! Getting a bunch of dope shit! But no, we still had to qualify for next year’s team that’s actually going to the Olympics… at least, at that point. The 2019 Olympic Team didn’t mean anything.

That was just bait to bring some hype for the Olympics. And honestly, it was kinda messed up because I have family members who see that stuff. They all think I’m going to the Olympics! They’re telling everyone about me going to the Olympics. Not necessarily.

I’m not gonna make a big deal about it. There’s still time to qualify, so you never know…

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Image Via GP Sports Management