Listen to Wade Desarmo’s Postmortem on Leaving DGK

Two years ago, Wade Desarmo parted ways with DGK to ride for Primitive. The news came towards the end of a turbulent time for the company that ultimately resulted in The Kayo Corp umbrella being downsized to just DGK. Most people assumed that Desarmo broke out over money issues; but he clears the air with the real reason behind his decision at the 18:26 mark of the latest episode of The Bunt.

That tough time that happened with the money; when everybody started turning their back on Kayo…. I can only speak for myself. But the way that I wasn’t really in the know of what was going on with the company…We just didn’t know what was going on, and couldn’t get any clarification from the higher ups… I road for the company for 15 years. If people really wanna know, they missed three checks. That’s it. I didn’t quit over money or checks not coming in… I quit because over the breakdown of that year period, there wasn’t any communication going forward with the team.

Listen to the entire interview above.