Sean Sheffey Says a New Plan B Video Drops in September

Chops continues his original conversation with Sean Sheffey from 2010 for the latest Chrome Ball update. It’s hard to pinpoint where the previous interview left off, and the new Q&A begins. Nevertheless, this piece does a fantastic job of encapsulating one of skateboarding’s most fabled careers. No detail is missed, including the infamous Wu-Tang incident,  Ryan Fabry, and what transpired during Shef’ disappearance from skateboarding in the early 2000s. In terms of current news, Sheffey reveals that a new Plan B video is slated for September, and he is currently filming for it.

I love you back on Plan B. How’d that come about?

Some old friends of mine approached me about it, wondering about my overall situation in skating. The conversation led to them asking if I wanted to be back on the Plan B team… and absolutely! To get that kind of love and care offered to me from an old sponsor that meant so much to me, it really felt great.

For Danny Way and Ryan Sheckler to even think about me in that way, and make me an offer with the approval of the rest of the guys? Because I had been working with Ryan for quite some time now on Etnies, I was able to get support from the younger guys on the team, too. The whole thing has put so much into perspective for me. It’s been great.

Any new projects we can look forward to from you? What’s next for Sean Sheffey?

We actually just started working on a video. We’re trying to get it done by September, so yeah, we got some stuff going on. I’m definitely going to have some clips in there.

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Image Via Gregsie / Chrome Ball Incident