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David Reyes Shuts Down Clipper in Thank You Introduction

Daewon and Torey continue to expand the Thank You roster with the addition of David Reyes. He’s the second to join after Danny Hamaguchi, and the brand’s first pro outside of its founders. If you think Reyes is an unlikely choice for such an esteemed position, his ender at Clipper will quickly change your mind. It will certainly go down as one of the highlights of 2021. Watch it along with the rest of the introduction part above.

Image Via David Reyes


Dylan Jaeb Joins Primitive Skate

Photo from @Primitiveskate Instagram Account

Dylan Jaeb is Primitive Skate’s newest rider. This was announced last week by pro skater and Primitive Skate founder/owner Paul Rodriguez.

Here’s what P-Rod says about Dylan in his official announcement:

For me, it’s pretty simple with Dylan: he skates amazing, looks super good on a board, does cool tricks and is an awesome kid who loves to skate, so when I found out there was an opportunity to get him on the team, I knew I had to take a shot. Thankfully everything worked out, and I feel like Dylan is at his home now.

Dylan also dropped his video part entitled “Hi” on the Thrasher Magazine channel last June 1st. Watch it below.

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Rayssa Leal is Now a Pro

Rayssa Leal during the skate street competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
By Rede do Esporte, CC BY 3.0 br,

Rayssa Leal is now a pro with April Skateboards. She has come a long way since the video of her landing on a heelflip while wearing a fairy costume went viral in 2015 when she was just seven years old.

Leal won silver in the Tokyo Olympics women’s street skateboarding competition last year. This year, she got her first X Games gold medal in the women’s street competition. Oh, did we mention that she is just 14 years old?

Watch her viral video below.

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Guy Mariano Joins Dickies Team

It’s official. Guy Mariano is the latest addition to the Dickies Team.

Considered one of the most influential skateboarders of all time, Guy first gained recognition as a teen for his video part in Video Days by Blind Skateboards.

Watch Dickies welcome video below.

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