Diamond Footwear Hits France and the UK in New European Tour Video

The European tour is a time-honored tradition in skateboarding. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience different cultures while meeting the fans that live abroad. Part summer vacation and part missionary trip, the European tour  has always been a win-win situation for everyone involved. Diamond Footwear’s latest adventure through France and the UK is no exception. Torey Pudwill, Brandon Biebel, Boo Johnson, and Jamie Foy look like they had a great time experiencing all that these country have to offer in this recap video.

One person who you won’t be seeing in this video is Nick Tucker. He abruptly severed ties with Diamond last month shortly after his pro shoe was released. While, according to his Instagram post, Tucker’s split with Diamond was amicable; the timing of his departure is interesting to say the least.

We’re definitely curious to see if he will be announced as being a part of another shoe brand sometime soon.