UPDATE: Here’s the Recap of This Year’s Dime Glory Challenge

There’s no arguing that contests are a thing in 2018. We can’t think of a time in skating that they were taken as seriously as they are now since the onset of the street era. Dime’s Glory Challenge is pretty much the opposite of everything that’s happening on the contest circuit. It’s a much-needed parody of the points-driven Olympic run-up era that we’re currently witnessing.

The latest installment happens on September 15. It will consist of Wallride, Speed, Gladiator, Pyramid, Volcano, and Street Challenges. And Wade Desarmo will be back once again to defend his World Championship Game of S.K.A.T.E. title.

Head over to Dime’s site to peep the full roster of this year’s competitors.

UPDATE 9.16.18: Yesterday’s Dime Glory Challenge was absolutely incredible. If you weren’t tuned into Dime’s Instagram Story, you can watch the below edit to check the highlight reel of what you missed.

Image Via Dime

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