Primitive Introduces Tre Williams With 6-Minute Video

Primitive continues to sprinkle the web with premium edits. Its latest is Tre Williams’s introduction video. This six-minute release features clips from the entire team, including an injured Paul Rodriguez, and follows Trent McClung’s solo effort for Primitive that dropped about a week ago. Tre’s skating speaks for itself. Have a look at what P-Rod had to say about the latest addition to his skate team below.

I was first introduced to Tre Williams’s skating through Robert Neil . Robert was watching skate videos on YouTube, and he passed me his phone: “Hey check this out, it’s my homie Tre.” Straight away, I knew Tre was really sick. Every trick that he did was really proper, and his style and form were really pleasing to watch. Like he would front blunt big-ass rails, but he’d be in full control and pop out at the end. I knew straight away we had to look into him.

Now that I have gotten to know Tre, I can also tell you that he carries himself confidently, but he’s very humble and an all-around good and funny dude. Tre skates really well but he also works hard and pushes himself and his skating; you can tell that he sees the goal, has the vision, and he’s determined to get there. Every time that I have had the opportunity to introduce someone new to the team, I get more and more excited to be a part of launching their dream, and to have that connection with them.

Tre doesn’t even know it yet, but this is the beginning of something that he has been dreaming about. And I know that he will look back in a few years’ time and think, “Wow, those were some really special times.” He’s just getting started, and has such a bright future ahead of him. I‘m happy and excited to welcome Tre Williams to the Primitive Skate team.

Watch Tre’s Primitive introduction above.