Ed Templeton Spills the Beans on Toy Machine’s Upcoming Video

If you haven’t noticed, Toy Machine has been dropping subtle hints that it will be releasing the a new video soon. Ed Templeton provides a bit more detail on what to expect in his new interview with the Chrome Ball Incident. The video is slated to premiere on August 15.

Well, we’re supposed to have a premiere August 15th. I don’t know if that’s public knowledge yet but that’s what we’re shooting for. The guys are all out there as we speak, trying to get some last-minute stuff with Don Nguyen. And we’ll start editing soon.

Don has made a bunch of great videos for Foundation so in the spirit of collaboration, I’m going to be pretty hands-off with it. There’s always a learning curve and I’ll have to stop by and sit over his shoulder from time to time, just to make sure the overall direction and music is as Toy Machine as we can afford. But that’s how it goes. I’m sure I’ll throw a few monkey wrenches into Don’s program by the end… Apologies in advance, Don. (laughs)

Head over to Chrome Ball to read the entire piece.

Image Via Flaunt