Elijah Berle Gives More Information on His Upcoming Video Part

Elijah Berle has been getting a ton of coverage in recent weeks to coincide with the release of his debut shoe from Vans. His latest bit of editorial comes in the form of an extensive interview with Slam City. He talks about his shoe, the positive side of Instagram, Jason Dill, and more. Berle also gives additional insight into his upcoming video part, which should be on everyone’s radar by now.

So aside from the release of this Vans shoe, what else have you been up to of late?

Like I mentioned earlier with all the trips I’ve done in the last month – that’s all for a video part that Greg Hunt and I are working on. It should be out in the next couple of months, hopefully…

Is this a solo part?

Yeah, mainly me I think – at least in terms of having a ‘part’. There will be some footage of other people in there, whoever has clips, but yeah, it’s basically a solo part. Not that I’ve been travelling on my own with Greg, other people have come along too, but the focus for me at least, is working on this project.

Head over to the Slam City site to read the entire piece.

Image Via Slam City