RB Umali Shares Classic Harold Hunter Story in Frank151 Interview

The latest issue of Frank151 is dedicated to New York skate culture. That’s a subject that you can’t really delve into without talking to RB Umali. His interview from Chapter 63 was just released online, and contains a classic Harold Hunter story that we were not familiar with. It’s amazing that these incredible tales involving Harold are still emerging a full 15 years after his death.

RM: I know I always bring this up every time I see you, but every time I see you I think about that time that you had an apartment on Second Avenue and it was packed. We’re all hammered. I think I must’ve smoked like three or four Ls-

RB: Yeah. The balcony.

RM: -and then Harold’s like, “Yo, I’m going to go make some breakfast.” And I was like, “Dude, what are you doing?”-

RB: I wish I had footage of him stirring the pot in the middle of the party with eggs.

RM: He was making eggs, I was trying to holler at you. “Yo! Yo!” But it was too late because there was probably 50 people in your… Was it a one bedroom or a studio?

RB: It was a two bedroom converted into three. We had a lot of people living there.

RM: Anyway, there was mad people there. They were throwing stuff off the balcony. I’m pretty sure you almost got evicted that night.

RB: The next day I got in trouble with the management, for sure.

RM: Yeah. I’m not surprised but I-

RB: I think the glass doors downstairs got broken.

RM: That wasn’t me.

RB: I know who it was. I know exactly who it was,  and yeah. We were all young, dumb, and stupid back then. But then those were amazing times.

RM: Those were amazing times.

RB: I remember, before Harold was cooking those eggs, he went up to us, and was like, “RB, you got any food?” I’m like, “No, Harold. I don’t have any food.” He’s like, “Ah, you’re greedy, man. You have food. I know you have food. You’re rich. Look at your apartment. I know you got food.” I’m like, “Harold, there’s nothing to eat, dude.” He’s like, “I’m gonna make some food.” Then, the next thing I know, he’s got a pot and an egg heated up on the stove. He’s just eating scrambled eggs out of the pot.

RM: That’s so funny.

RB: “I told you, you had food.” So greedy.

RM: Dude, he’s so greedy and hungry. Hide food in his pocket. That’s crazy.

RB: Man, I wish I had footage of him doing that.

Head over to Frank151 to read the rest of the interview. And for more on RB, revisit Episode 01 of Mission Statement.

Images Via The Harold Hunter Foundation