UPDATE: Gino Iannucci Officially No Longer Rides for Nike

We decided to keep our mouths shut last month when Poets’ Fall 20 lookbook dropped, and Gino was noticeably wearing adidas Sambas—clearly a big no-no if you’re under contract with Nike. But, it’s Gino. He’s the type of skater that can do whatever he wants—a bonafide legend in the game, and a surviving member of arguably the most indelible crew of all time, R.I.P. Keenan and Huf. While his SB profile is still online, Lucas Puig posted the above photo yesterday, which seems to foreshadow a pending change. All of this is punctuated by Gino’s removal of Nike SB from his IG profile. 2020 has been a strange year, indeed.

UPDATE 12.02.20: The final keyboard stroke in this story is Gino’s removal from Nike’s team page. The last of the original SB team has left the building, folks. This is definitely the end of an era. We’re just going to leave the below image here for posterity’s sake.

UPDATE 10.24.20: This is more of a photo update than anything else, but Parade just ran an article penned by Anthony Pappalardo on Poets’ latest offering that includes the original imagery that the IG post was taken from. The biggest takeaway is that Gino hasn’t been skating much lately. But at this point, does he really need to?

Have you been skating of late? I ask whilst explaining how I idiotically ripped my foot apart skating a Jersey barrier, which I believe comes from a serious lack of pushing around. “That’s one thing I haven’t been doing much of either,” Gino says. “Something’s just missing right now.”

Read the article here.

Images Via Parade & Nike SB