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UPDATE: Watch Disc 1 & 2 from Hélas ‘Fellas’ Full-Length

We’re not sure if it’s the lead up to SOTY or the holiday season; but the last four months of the year are typically packed with video releases. October is going to be particularly good with the release of Hélas new full-length titled Fellas. It will come with a double DVD, which we’re assuming will include its archive of mixtapes and commercials. We’ll keep you updated on exactly when and where you’ll be able to watch.

UPDATE 12.18.19: At this point, we’re expecting Fellas parts to continue to release well into 2020. With that said, you should definitely not sleep on JP Villa and Steph Khou’s section. There is some next level ledge skating in here. Check it below.

UPDATE 11.29.19: Free released Devine Calloway and Marek Zaprazny‘s section from Fellas this morning. It’s a standout part from what’s proving to be one of the better videos of 2019. Check it below.


UPDATE 11.21.19: Fellas has literally been all over the internet this week. Brian Peacock‘s part is definitely one of our favorites thus far. Shout out to the music supervision. This edit is perfect.

UPDATE 11.19.19: Quartersnacks unveiled Pedro Attenborough’s Fellas part this afternoon. Check below if you missed it.


UPDATE 11.11:19: The majority of Fellas is now online. We’ll continue to update this post with all of the non-Lucas Puig bits as they become available.



Davonte Jolly’s Ep. 2 of Necessary Evil Now Playing

Watch Ishod Wair, Tyshawn Jones, Na-Kel Smith, and more of your favorite skaters in this new episode of “Necessary Evil”.

Created by Davonte Jolly, “Necessary Evil” is live on Thrasher Magazine channels.

YouTube Creator and skate videographer Jolly are also known for his “A Day with the Homies”.

You can watch his other videos on his YouTube Channel.

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Voting Open for the Red Bull Terminal Takeover

Red Bull Terminal Takeover

Last April 15-16, eight crews from seven states took over the old MSY Terminal for the ultimate skate jam and created video edits of their sessions.

Now you have the power to vote for the best edit for this year’s Red Bull Terminal Takeover.

The winning crew will receive prize money for an organization of their choice.

Visit Red-Bull-Terminal-Takeover ( to meet the teams, watch the videos, and vote for your favorite entry.

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Thunder Trucks Welcomes Hermann Stene in their New Part

Watch Hermann Stene’s insane tricks in this Thunder Trucks’ welcome video now playing at the Thrasher Magazine Channels.

This Norwegian skater started skating at the age of eight and became a part of the Norwegian National Skateboarding Team in 2018.

Stene, now almost 30, has been showing his skills for close to 15 years now, and there is no better way to show off his skills with this beautifully filmed video.

Amazingly, Stene has never gone pro, whether that is bad luck or age bias, there is no denying the talent.

Oh and watch out at 1:33 for one of the sweetest frontside kickflips you’ll see this year.

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