Caleb Barnett Recalls His Awkward Jenkem Interview on The Bunt

We get a late pass on last week’s episode of The Bunt. It features Caleb Barnett giving his most in-depth interview yet. There’s plenty to take in; but we found the details of his Jenkem interview that never came to be particularly entertaining. Caleb first mentioned it in his Slam City interview from last July. But the full story, which starts at the 35:00 mark,  reminds of that old Chappelle skit: “When keeping it real goes wrong.”

I got hit up to do this interview. I was kind of like, “Eh, I don’t know if I really want to do it.” But I thought that it would be cool to do it because nobody knows anything about me. The guy calls me; and it’s like, “Aren’t you supposed to have questions prepared for me?” You’re conducting the interview. I’m not going to just start talking about my life. I’m not going to be like, “Yeah, this and this, and skating.” It was kind of award. And he asked me some questions like, “I heard you had the nickname Big Baby.” I was like, “What the fuck?” I started getting pissed… like, “Who the fuck told you that?” I have never gone by Big Baby in my life…

And then, at the end, this fool was like, “You got anything that you want to say?” I was kind of pissed. So I was like, “You guys were talking shit about 917. I thought that was super wack. They’re my homies. I skate with them all the time.” They were talking shit on Aidan’s part… So I just kind of brought it up to them like, “What was up with that?” The dude was like, “It wasn’t me that said it.” It was just super fucking awkward. And that shit never came out. What’s funny is that I got hit up after that other [Slam City] interview from Jenkem. They were blowing my shit up. The dude called me. I couldn’t really hear hear him. So I just hung up. Then, I thought, “I don’t really feel like talking to them like that.” 

Also, we get a shout out 1:18:24.  It’s cool to hear that some of our old work is still influencing the current generation. We’ve embedded the original 2012 upload of the Lavar part below.

Favorite Skater:

Lavar McBride:

Favorite Video:

Laver McBride’s Pier 7, what is it, 48 Blocks or something? It’s a random video. But Yeah, it’s him skating in like sweats or whatever.

Listen to the entire interview above.