How Justin Henry Is Approaching Filming During the Pandemic

Before COVID-19 took hold of the United States, Justin Henry was hard at work on a new part for Qausi. When put into context with his recent Vans capsule, it makes perfect sense. One can’t help but wonder if this will be Justin’s pro debut? Like many things, the pandemic likely slowed that trajectory. But Justin is still out there filming. He’s just doing it more cautiously. He breaks down his approach in his latest interview with Andrew Peters for Monster Children.

You’ve been working on a new part.

Yeah, just been working on this Quasi part.

Have you mostly been filming in your hometown?

Nah, we’ve been all throughout America. But even before quarantine, I was trying to lock in some stuff in Ohio to finish it out, so I guess the quarantine in some way has worked in my favour because I wanted to stay around these areas.

So, you’ve still been going out just with a filmer? Who do you film with out there?

I film with a few different dudes. I go out with my buddies Joe Charlton and Jacob Brandt a lot; we go out pretty heavy. We’ll do missions, just a filmer and I. If I’m gonna go film a trick, it’s definitely no summertime barbeque. It’s cutty, I’m not trying to be out with too many people. With all this going on I just think, whatever you think you need to do, just be safe with it and know there’s a crisis on our hands, so just be smart. If you need to stay inside because of all this and that, you gotta do it. If you gotta go to work cause your job’s knocking on your door, you gotta go to work.

Try to be mindful about everything you are doing.

Exactly, just know your surroundings. Know what’s going on and be alert. All this is so serious, whether you’re scared of the virus or not, people are just struggling right now, businesses, families.

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Image Via Dakota Mullins