Marquise Henry to Pay Homage to Chaffey With NB# Project

Marquise Henry just dropped a DGK part that caught most people’s attention. He’s not slowing down rolling into 2021. In a new interview published by VHS Mag this morning, Quise reveals that he’s working on a project for his next New Balance Numeric 420, which will pay homage to Chaffey.

VHSMAG (V)Thanks for doing this interview. What have you been up to lately?

Marquise henry (M): Just laying low. Skating here and there. I’ve got a project I’m working on with New Balance for a shoe colorway. So I’ve been going to an old stomping ground skate spot that I used to skate when I was a kid, Chaffey High School. I’m working on that with a couple of homies, long time friends. Hopefully it’d be out in the next year, sometime.

The iconic Inland Empire middle school has been prominently featured in countless videos. It sounds like its history will be spotlighted in Quise’s New Balance project.

VSpeaking of New Balance, You have a shoe called NM420. Can you talk about that?

MIt’s a remake of the 420. I was skating the re-engineered 420. They kind of upgraded the 420 and but it was still a runner and it wasn’t in the Numeric skate line. I was skating it and I told Levi and Sebastian, “Shit, I just want to keep skating that shoe. Let’s see if we can make a Numeric shoe of it?” And then we just went with it and got the mold of the sole. They showed me three different soles and I picked one. We ran with it and it turned into what it is now. Now for every campaign they have a colorway, and I’m the face of it to promote it. So what I’m doing with this whole Chaffey project, we’re doing a whole colorway campaign for it. And show the history of Chaffey and myself growing up there and the whole backdrop.

This is fantastic news if you’re a ‘90s head, and love a good concept part. Read the entire interview here.

Image Via Active