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Momiji Nishiya Wins Dew Tour 2022 Women’s Street



Photo Credit: Arias Momiji Nishiya Wins Women’s Skateboard Street At Dew Tour Des Moines 2022

Momiji Nishiya once again proved her street skateboarding skills after winning the Women’s Street competition at the Dew Tour Des Moines 2022.

Nishiya just recently won the gold medal in the Summer X Games Women’s Street. In 2021, she became the youngest gold medalist for Japan after winning the Women’s Street competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

Pamela Rosa landed in second place ending her winning streak in the Dew Tour Women’s Street.

Chloe Covell, the youngest among the contenders, finished third in the competition. She recently won the silver medal at the 2022 Summer X Games.

Men’s Skateboard Park Winner

Gavin Bottger, the youngest among the field, won the Men’s Skateboard Park with his first run.

He got 88 points for his frontside air through the deep end corner, followed by a frontside 5-0 grind, kickflip backside 360 over the box jump, backside 540 in the deep end, kickflip Indy over the hip, 5-0 grind, kickflip foot plant on the Mountain Dew can, frontside slob plant on the plexiglass Toyota vert extension, one-foot backside 360, Cab heelflip 360 Indy, and alley-oop body varial 360.

Luiz Francisco, who initially was the one to beat until Bottger edged him out placed second with a score of 86.33.

Keegan Palmer was able to catch up with his third run, scoring 85, which put him in the third spot.

For all the street and park competitions, the highest scoring runs of each competitor count toward the final result. Each competitor is given three 45-second runs.

Watch the top three winning runs for the Men’s Skateboard Park below.


Watch How Yuto Horigome Won the Tampa Pro 2023 and Other Highlights



Watch the winning run of Yuto Horigome in the recently concluded Tampa Pro 2023 below.

Meanwhile, here’s what went down in the Independent Best Trick Contest, one of the side events of the Tampa Pro.

Watch the highlights of the Cariuma Concrete Jam during the Tampa Pro below.

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Red Bull Boarding Pass Next Stop: Georgia



Invited regional shop teams and crews will battle it out on March 11 in a squad versus squad event. The winning team will be earning an all-expense-paid trip to the Red Bull Terminal Takeover in New Orleans.

The event happening in Newnan Skatepark, Newnan, GA is just one of the pre-qualifying events for the Red Bull Terminal Take Over.

The Texas leg was held last February 25 at the Southside Skatepark, South Houston, TX.

The Terminal Take Over is an annual event sponsored by Red Bull that transforms the Old MSY Airport in New Orleans into a massive skatepark where invited top skaters and skate shop crews come together for the ultimate skate jam.

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Yuto Horigome Wins Tampa Pro 2023



Japanese skateboarder Yuto Horigome wins Tampa Pro 2023. This is the Tokyo Olympics gold medalist’s first Tampa Pro win.

Horigome started strong in the prelims and semis and eventually bested Giovanni Vianna and Chris Joslin who came in at second and third respectively in the finals.

Established in 1995 by the Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa Pro is one of the most prestigious skateboarding events.

Here are the winners of the Tampa Pro side events and awards.

Mob-G for Effort – Vincent Milou
Bronson Speed Killer – Eli Williams
Zumies Destroyer – Andy Anderson
Skater XL Trick of the Weekend – Jack Olson
Independent Best Trick – JP Souza
Cariuma Concrete Jam – Jake Yanko
TM Industry Contest – Robby Hargreaves

Watch the finals 29th Annual Tampa Pro Finals below.

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