Andy Howell & Shepard Fairey Curate New Deal 1990 Art Show

Leading up to the relaunch of New Deal in the coming months, Andy Howell and Shepard Fairey have teamed up on an art show to reintroduce the brand. New Deal 1990 will be opening at Fairey’s Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles next Saturday September 28 from 7:00 – 10:00pm, and will feature “original works by the team riders and artists of New Deal, a group show of artists inspired by the era, and various art and ephemera from collectors who have helped to preserve the New Deal legacy.” Clearly, this is not to be missed if you find yourself in the area. 

I was already a big fan of Andy Howell’s art and skateboarding in the late ’80s, so I watched eagerly as he and his partners launched New Deal Skateboards in 1990. New Deal was groundbreaking not only because skaters creatively led it, but because Andy Howell’s art and design almost instantly shifted the aesthetics and style of skateboarding from skulls and dragons to graffiti and hip-hop. New Deal was the first company primarily focused on street skating and street culture, and their smart, funny, ads celebrated their role as the “power to the people,” “ear to the street” vanguard of skater-owned-and-run companies. Straight out of the gate New Deal set the tone for the ’90s. Shepard Fairey

As an artist, skater and co-founder of New Deal in 1990, I guided the brand’s aesthetic and voice, which helped influence an emerging street-focused youth culture. But it wasn’t until many years later that the true impact began to appear to me via experiences shared on social media. Many iconic skate, street, and contemporary artists were touched by the brand in their formative years, and they continue to pass on that influence through their work. I’m honored to work with Shepard to curate such a widely varied group of artists with New Deal as the common thread. Andy Howell

The contributing artists include:

Andy Howell, Andy Jenkins, Ashley Macomber, Buffmonster, Caratoes, Chad Muska, Chris Miller, Chris Prynoski, Dalek, Dave Kinsey, Ed Templeton, Eli Gesner, Evan Mendel, Fafi, Foster Huntington, Gorm Boberg, Greg Mike, Greg Higgins, Hellen Jo, Hueman, Jeremy Fish, Jim Mahfood, Jose Gomez, Justin Bua, Kai & Sunny, KwestOne, Lauren YS, Lori Damiano, Marc McKee, Matt Hensley, Paul Schmitt, Persue, Sam Flores, Sean Cliver, Shepard Fairey, Sickid, Steve Caballero, Toybox Monster, Woes Martin, and more.

You can RSVP here.

Image Via New Deal