Pontus Alv Outlines His Vision for a D.I.Y. Shoe Revolution

The verdict is still out on whether or not skateboarding needs a new shoe brand right now. It’s a tough market to crack, and many have tried and failed recently. In terms of technology, marketing budgets, and brand loyalty, there’s really no competing with the big dogs. But there is potential to do something small, cool, and different that makes a statement. This is what Pontus does best, which is why people are talking about his Last Resort AB startup. Polar‘s founding father breaks down his vision for a D.I.Y. skate shoe brand revolution in a new interview with Jenkem published this afternoon.

I just wanted to have that feeling of personalities and creative people. There are a lot of guys on the flow, B, C, D teams of the big four or five shoe brands, and those are the people I want to put in the spotlight and bring out. There’s room for that too because I think the skate shoe industry is quite stale. It’s quite elite and athletic and performance-based.

I would love to see, in a perfect world, the Palace boys starting up their own shoe company, maybe Dill and FA starting a little shoe company. I’m doing mine, and whoever else would want to join. Bring new energy to it, just like how Etnies started back in the day with Natas [Kaupas]. Maybe it’s time now to repeat the cycle. I think overall people wanna support smaller more personal things again.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out over the next several years. Read the full interview here.

Image Via Pedro Raimundo / Jenkem