Primitive Announces Tiago Lemos as Its Latest Team Addition

Tiago Lemos is one of the most sought-after pros in the industry. He has the ability to jump on ledges that are taller than those that the average person can skate, and his style speaks for itself. Given his level of talent, Primitive is the perfect fit for the Brazilian powerhouse. Tiago’s new home on Paul Rodriguez’s brand was made official today with the above announcement. Have a look at what P-Rod had to say about his latest acquisition below.

Tiago Lemos first came up on my radar through Carlos Ribeiro back when we first started Primitive Skate. Carlos would always talk about his friend back home who was getting so good at skating and had next level ability but didn’t even realize how good he was getting. When I went on the first “We Are Blood” trip and saw Tiago skate first hand, I put it together that this was the guy that Carlos was talking about, and I immediately saw what he meant. When I’m stood next to Tiago I’m the same size as him, but as soon as he steps on the board it’s almost like he turns into the Hulk: he’s bigger, stronger, faster. When he gets to a spot he’ll start methodically breaking it down, he starts with his normal tricks and builds on them until all of a sudden he’s rolling away from the most fucked up trick, and he does that every day, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m tripping that Tiago is joining the squad, it’s a huge honor to make it official that Tiago Lemos skates for Primitive! – Paul Rodriguez

Congratulations to everyone involved. This is definitely a power move.