Skate Muzik Releases Huf Tribute Featuring Ari Marcopoulos

Skate Muzik’s Keith Hufnagel tribute is particularly poignant. It seamlessly intertwines Ari Marcopoulos’s memories of Keith with tracks from his video parts. Once again, the personal insights are priceless. And Huf never suffered from poor music supervision.

The first thing I think about when I think about Keith; I guess it’s his ollies. People always said, “he’s got mad pop.” It was always incredible to watch him, and see how much power he had in his skating. And what an incredible person he was to be around, outside of that. His skating, of course, defined him to the outside world. But when you got to know him…he was just a very good person, good to other people, always willing to help people. He always helped me out, and vice versa. When he needed help with HUF or Metropolitan, we always just worked it out. We never exchanged money or anything. We just did things for each other. – Ari Marcopoulos

Listen to the entire episode above.