Why Pontus Alv Decided to Move Polar to Portugal

Slam City just dropped another great interview with Pontus Alv. This latest Q&A reveals a ton of info regarding the next Polar video, the upcoming release of Pontus’s Last Resort AB shoe line, and more. Pontus also breaks the news that he’s moved to Portugal, and is now running Polar from Porto.

Pontus, it’s been a while, we just wanted to check in, what’s going on with you?

Right now, one year ago I moved to Portugal, Porto. I moved down here for better weather. I bought a house here that I’m rebuilding from zero basically. I’m just living down here, it’s hot as hell, nicer weather all year round, palm trees. Then of course I’m close to my production, a lot of my Polar stuff is made here around the corner, 40 minutes away. It’s nice to be close to that and have a daily check in. It’s easy, if there’s a problem I just go up there or they come down. They show me the problem and we solve it instead of shipping stuff back and forth to Sweden.

Less delay.

Yeah I mean there’s always something in production.We do four collections a year so there will always be some kind of issue each time. Something wrong with a fabric or a print or they ordered the wrong thing. There’s always something but that’s the daily work. But living down here, it was 2018 in August I fucked my knee up, I fucked my ACL skating a ramp so I’ve been out basically. I had a surgery in November 2018 but now after a year and seven months it’s starting to feel quite okay. It will never be the same as it was but it’s starting to be at least okay enough to bomb some hills, do little ollies and some easy things.

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Image Via Kingpin Magazine