Ali Boulala Reveals New Documentary on The Bunt

Five years later, Ali Boulala’s Epicly Later’d remains one of the show’s most talked about releases. A full-length Boulala documentary is fitting given how compelling his story is. Fans rejoice. A film may be seeing the light of day sometime soon. Boulala makes the revelation starting at the 49:20 mark of the latest episode of The Bunt.

Maybe six years ago, this Swedish filmmaker also started to make a documentary. He’s not focused on skating or anything. He’s just doing a film on my life…He actually started before the Epicly Later’d. He started before I got sober. So he’s been doing that for six years, maybe longer. We started filming. Then, something happened where we had a five-year break. I may have told him, “Fuck you. Fuck the movie. Let’s not do this.” Then, five years later, when I was sober and the Epicly Later’d had come out, he called me like, “Hey, remember me? It’s Max, the film guy”… We have started again. And I think it’s gonna look good. I’ve seen little bits, and a couple of possible trailers.

Listen to the full interview above.